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Mulford Holdings Limited is a private limited liability company (DN491794) incorporated in Dunedin New Zealand in 1990.

The Company commenced business immediately after formation, as an Applicator of Specialist Coating and Painting Systems. We then diversified into Waterproofing Systems and recently have moved into Floor Coatings and Concrete Grinding for Commercial and Domestic buildings to complement our ever changing range of services.


Our expertise is in the areas of Waterproofing Membranes, Spalling Concrete, High Build Acrylic Coatings and Membranes, Waterborne Epoxies and High Solids One and Two Component Urethane Coatings, Tanking, Sealant Application, Decks and Flat Roofing. Mulford Holdings Ltd is one of the leading Companies in the South Island for Waterproofing.


We are very proud of our accomplishments, winning multiple awards from the NZ Master Painters Association over the last few years. We are constantly striving to reach new levels and perfecting our trade, pushing us to produce award winning work. 


Our prime objective has been to supply and apply all the finishes and waterproofing materials that are required to protect buildings, from sub-basement to roof levels.

Wide Range of Services

Where specific technology is required, and has previously been outside our field of expertise, we have secured distribution and applicator arrangements for appropriate products from leading manufacturers in their respective fields.

We can offer a range of finishes including Trowel-ons, Spray Textures and Membrane Coating Water-proofing systems, all at competitive rates. Whether it is the family home or a major construction project, we have a full QA system in place to ensure the best products and systems to meet your requirements.

Concrete floors deserve better treatment than just being walked on and we have a number solutions around this. HTC Superfloorâ„¢ will really make you appreciate the advantages of having concrete as an exposed floor surface. Dirty, grey concrete floors are transformed into brilliant, easy-clean, environmentally-friendly and durable polished concrete floors. This is revolutionary flooring concept with a technique that makes concrete more than just strong and hard-wearing. The technique is as simple as it is ingenious. HTC's machines and diamond tools grind and polish concrete floors to remove the surface paste and expose the stronger concrete beneath. The result of this process is a stronger, more durable, shiny and beautiful polished concrete floor. The environment and your bottom line will both benefit greatly.

Our Work

Our work ethic is based on reputation. We will stand behind all of our work 100% and give you the results and guarantees that you require.  It is our mission to provide you and your client with a high standard of Workmanship that your particular project deserves.

We look forward to meeting with you and being of assistance with your next contract.

For further information please contact us directly.